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One thing you should do when hiring a contractor is to verify that the contractor has the correct permits, licenses and paperwork to perform the work.  Often times insurance companies will not cover a claim for something that was installed by a contractor that did not have the proper licensing.  Also be certain that the contractor is insured, has adequate coverage and policies are current.

Licenses, Permits, Associations

C 10 License - Electrical Contractor                

D 28 License - Door, Gate, Activating Devices

C 28 License - Lock & Security Contractor

D 16 License - Hardware & Safes

C 61 License - Limited Specialty

C 7 License โ€“ Low Voltage

Contractor License โ€“ 478006

Locksmithing Permit โ€“ LCO 646

Alarm Company Operators License 4166

Associates Locksmiths of America (ALOA) - AR13362                                                       


Masterkey systems are your first line of defense in securing your environment!

At Comlock Security Group, we have designed and installed 1000's of masterkey systems since our 1961 beginnings. A masterkey system life span in general is about 7 years. An older system should trigger a discussion of a complete building re-key.

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Some of the many reasons for a re-key are:

  1. this article in our June 2015 newsletter to gain a better understanding of masterkey systems and what you need to know. We can design and install a masterkey system to your specifications; even padlocks can be incorporated into your system. We can also use keys that cannot be duplicated without your knowledge. We have designed systems from a few doors to larger systems like hospitals, cities, school districts, college campuses, and highrise multi tenant buildings. We can design one for you that works the way you need it to. Orange County Locksmith

We take the hassel out of installing a new keying system. Once the design has been completed and authorized by you, we cut all the keys first so you can issue them. Once that's completed we rekey the cylinders. You tell the employees if their old keys do not work, try the new one. If the new keys works, turn in your old key. If either key doesn't work, it's an area that you no longer have access to. With a well design masterkey system, key carrying employees should only need to carry ONE KEY! And that will get them into all the areas they're authorized to enter.



Our Contractor Licenses #478006 information
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