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Providing Access Control Services In The Los Angles Area Since 1985

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Comlock Security Group's electronic division provides building security solutions using top quality access control devices from manufacturers known for their reliability and after sale support. From a stand-alone single door unit to complex browser based multi-door systems, we have it covered for your home or business in Los Angles.

The term access control covers a broad range of applications. Unlike traditional mechanical keying systems, an electronic access control management system allows you to control access through doors by time and date, and even lets you review who went through the door and when. In addition to managing access to individuals, most access systems can generate reports regarding system activity.

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Types of systems we install in the Los Angles area:    
Browser Based Systems Cloud Based Systems Standalone Systems PC Based Systems
Single Door Systems Multi-Door Systems Elevator Control Man Traps
Samples of equipment we install in Los Angles:    
Biometric Readers Photo ID / Badging Key Fobs / Cards Maglocks
Electrified Hardware Electric Strikes Electric Transfer Hinge Keypads
Card Readers Door Alarms Touch Bars Panic / Lockdown Buttons
Samples of Los Angles businesses we serve:    
Warehousing Hospitals K-12 Schools / Universities City Goverment
Property Management Retail Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Entertainment Financial / Banking Law Enforcement Aerospace

Access control systems we install / service for our Los Angles customers;
Brivo - Brivo is the global leader in cloud based physical access control systems. Uses cloud technology and internet connected devices to control access to physical spaces. Brivo provides commercial physical security solutions that are simpler and better than any other technology on the market.
Galaxy - System Galaxy is a complete, enterprise-class access control and security management solution that offers unsurpassed ability to satisfy the requirements of any credential management, access control, or security situation.
Keri - Keri provides cost effective, sophisticated systems for all types of customers from single door to Enterprise-class and all types in between. You can add features as needed and grow one or two doors at a time to match user requirements

CDVI - Atrium's innovative embedded web server is fast, simple and secure as can be. From any place in the world, you can do tasks like user/card management, lock/unlock doors instantly and view events. The embedded web server provides instant results using any web browser, smart phone or tablet.

HID Edge Solo - Solo IP Access Solution puts control and user interface at the door right inside the reader. The EdgeReader Solo is a cost effective, standalone, single-door IP access control solution.

Included in our bids are:               

Locking hardware.

End user training. 

All necessary Los Angles permits.

ONE-YEAR Warranty on all parts and labor.

We install NON-PROPRIETARY systems. This means Los Angles our customers are free to use any qualified access control company to service their system. Some companies install specialized equipment only they can work on.  This locks you into using them exclusively to service your system; nobody else can work on it.  You're not locked into us should we fail to meet your expectations. You stay with us because you want to, not because you're forced to stay with us.

YOU OWN THE EQUIPMENT - some companies will maintain ownership of the equipment they install.  They see this as a way that helps ensure you'll continue doing business with them regardless of how poor their service may get.  If you stop using them they will remove all the equipment they installed and now you're back to where you started.  So you stay with them hoping things get better ... but they don't!  At Comlock Security Group, you own the all equipment we install.

Our technicians install the systems we sell; we do not use sub-contractors. This means you have only one place to call for service; no run-a-round or finger pointing to another company. It starts and ends with us.

Give us a call at 714 633-1499 to speak with our team regarding your access control project in Los Angles.

Our estimates are FREE and convenient appointments are available Monday through Friday.

Important notes about access control bids for your Los Angles location.

If you notice large differences in dollar amounts when comparing bids, it can be that the lower bid did not include the locking hardware. Often the reason hardware is omitted is that they do not have the expertise on staff to install the hardware. It becomes an add-on at an additional expense and ends up costing  you more than the original bid.  It could also be that they will maintain ownership of the equipment, meaning you'll end up leasing the system from them so the upfront charges are less.

At Comlock Security Group, we have the expertise to install the locking hardware on every job we do. Our access control bids WILL INCLUDE the locking hardware and installation where needed.  In addition, you own all the equipment we install ... its yours!!

The reality is this, we purchase the equipment from the same sources, we pay a similar price for the products and we have about the same labor rates so the bids should be in line with each other.  Start looking for red flags and asking questions when you notice big differences in prices between bids.

Be aware of the one or two person shop with little overhead bidding low to get the work.  Typically they do not have enough technicians to support your system after installation.  Service is usually a couple days out or they do the work on overtime and charge you accordingly. The higher end access control manufacturers will not allow smaller companies to sell their products if they do not have the resources to provide ongoing support to the end users.  So you get whatever basic system they can purchase.  Finding a company who's willing to step in and provide service to a system they did not install will not be easy.  In doing so would mean they now are responsible for all the problems the system has and if installed incorrectly, poorly, or not to code ... the nightmares begin!  And one thing is for sure, it's going to cost you!

Which bid do you choose for your Los Angles location?  That would depend on what's important to you!  If its important to use a company that:

- Provides After Hour Support - Installs Parts Known For Their Reliability - Offers Same Day Service
- Has Fully Stocked Service Vehicles - Maintains Proper Insurance & Licenses - Responds Quickly
- Uses Field Supervisors For Support - Employs Dedicated Service Coordinators - Has Its Own Parts Warehouse
- Staff Knowledgeable Sales Consultants - Answer Phones By The Third Ring, No Voice Mails!  - Operates Two Retail Security Centers
- Uses No Sub-Contractors - Offers Extended Warranties - Provides End User Training
- Been In Business For Over 56 Years!

and has decades of experience serving the Los Angles area, then please realize that it's expensive to assemble a staff large enough to offer this level of service.  Our pricing may be slightly higher than a smaller one or two man shop to enable us to support the necessary people, building and equipment.  If that's important to you then choose us, if that's not important to you go with the smaller company's proposal and bank the savings ... at least for now!

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