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Lake Forest,
Buena Park,
Newport Beach,
Aliso Viejo,
Capistrano Beach,
Corona Del Mar,
Dana Point,
El Toro,
Foothill Ranch,
Fountain Valley,
Garden Grove,
Huntington Beach, 
La Habra,
Ladera Ranch,
Laguna Beach,
Laguna Hills,
Laguna Niguel,
Los Alamitos,
Midway City,
Mission Viejo,
Newport Coast,
Rancho Santa Margarita,
San Clemente,
San Juan Capistrano,
Santa Ana,
Seal Beach,
Sunset Beach,
Trabuco Canyon,
Villa Park,
Yorba Linda, 

Los Angeles County, 

Baldwin Park,
Bell Gardens,
City of Industry,
Culver City,
Diamond Bar,
El Monte,
Hacienda Heights,
Hawaiian Gardens,
Huntington Park,
La Mirada,
La Puente,
La Vern,
Long Beach,
Los Angeles,
Monterey Park,
Pico Rivera,
Rowland Heights,
San Dimas,
San Gabriel,
San Marino,
Santa Fe Springs,
South Gate,
South Pasadena,
Temple City,
West Covina,

Riverside County, 


San Bernardino County, 

Bryn Mawr,
Chino Hills,
Grand Terrace,
Loma Linda,
Rancho Cucamonga,
San Bernardino,

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is your trip charge more than the company I was using?
    Different companies have different operating expenses, different payroll costs and different levels of service. Our mobile “shop-on-wheels” are fully stocked and equipped to handle nearly every security need you may have – many smaller firms must first survey your problem, travel somewhere to obtain needed parts, and then return to your site (often the next day!).

  2. Is my account good at any of your locations?
    Yes, you may use your charge account at any of our stores – simply inform the store manager that you would like to bill your purchase to your account. They’ll communicate with our central billing computer.

  3. Why are you charging a gas surcharge?
    With gasoline prices fluctuating, the cost of sending a “shop-on-wheels” to your location varies greatly. When gas prices are unusually high, we may add a TEMPORARY gas surcharge to your invoice; when the gas prices goes down again, we drop the charge. We feel this is better for our customers than simply raising our service call rate when prices increase, then leaving it there when gas prices go down.

  4. I can buy the same lock at the do-it-yourself center for less than your charging me. How come your prices are higher?
    Do-it-yourself centers have historically been able to buy in vast quantities and sell below-retail prices. The trade-off is the selection and service level. You can get a great price as long as you want the one they stock and don’t need any technical expertise to help you decide if the one they stock is the one you need. The popularity of “big-box” stores has caused the demise of many small retailers – hardware stores, stationary stores, and so on – leaving the consumer with less choice and lower service levels.

  5. Can I get the same service technician each time I call you for service?
    Usually. Of course, there are times when a technician is not available; he or she may be on vacation, tied up on a large installation, or too far away to respond quickly. One of the advantages we offer over smaller firms is the ability to get a technician to you when you need one – with 17 service trucks we can be more flexible. That may mean a different service tech on occasion, but we feel our service level is higher because of our size – we can even get 4, 5, or 6 technicians to you in times of an emergency rekey!

  6. Do you offer extended warranties on your products?
    Yes, we do. We guarantee parts & labor for a minimum of 90 days; parts may carry an even longer factory warranty. In addition, we offer a one-year extended warranty on parts and labor for a slight additional charge.

  7. Must I sign a 36-month alarm monitoring contract with you to get an alarm system installed?
    Not necessarily. While it has become traditional for burglar alarm installation costs to include a minimal (below-cost) installation fee combined with a three-year monitoring agreement making up a “total-cost” purchase package, we do offer the option of a higher initial installation with no monitoring agreement needed.

  8. I can get an alarm system installed by the nations largest Alarm Company for free! Why are you charging for your systems?
    While the “big-boys” may advertise low priced systems, the basic system they install covers only 2 or 3 openings. If you want more windows or doors protected, they charge extra!! Their $99 or $149 special may not be so special after all is said and done. We prefer to do business in a more straightforward manner. Some companies install proprietary systems for their $99 units, meaning that only they can work on the system. If you’re receiving poor service from that company and want to switch to another Alarm Company, you’ll need to re-purchase all new equipment. You have no control over the service you receive! At Spectrum Security, you stay with us because you want to, not because you’re forced to!

  9. What’s your company policy on duplicating keys that say DO-NOT-DUPLICATE on them?
    The “Do Not Duplicate” message has been compared to a “Keep off the Grass Sign”. Both announce the owner’s desire, but neither have much enforceability. We do require that a customer requesting a copy of a “DND” key fill out a form listing his company’s name, address, etc. with a statement, which indicates the customer is authorized to obtain such a key. Of course, the words “Do Not Duplicate” can be ground off, covered up with tape, obscured by a label, etc – many DND keys have been copied unknowingly by an unsuspecting hardware clerk. For real protection against unauthorized key duplication, ask us about the many High-Security lock systems available.

  10. I read in your Customer newsletter that the safe I am using is not appropriate for my computer software! My safe is a fire rated safe. How is this not safe from fire?
    The term “fire safe” is a bit misleading. It actually originated long before magnetic data media existed. Ordinary fire safes are certified to keep the contents below 350 degrees, but they may emit moisture into the interior in the process. Data media can’t stand excess moisture, and need to be kept less than 125 degrees. Modern data safes are actually “safes within a safe” – the outer walls protect against the fire, and the inner compartment keeps the temperatures and moisture levels at a safe level. Want to learn more about safes? Click here

  11. Can you provide your services to my other locations that are out of the Orange County area?
    Absolutely! Our trucks cover much of the Southern California/Los Angeles Basin on a daily basis. Additionally, we have developed a network of qualified service providers who can handle service calls anywhere in California and, in fact, in many other states as well. You simply call us and we do the rest.

  12. What are your charges for a security survey of my business? Can I apply that amount to your services and products?
    In most cases there is no charge for a preliminary survey. If your job is especially large or you require written specifications sheets, etc., there may be an hourly charge for preparing an audit. Generally speaking, any such charges would be refunded if we are awarded the job.

  13. I am looking for a new security provider! Can you refer me to companies that currently use your services?
    We are proud to have many fans that will gladly tell you about the quality of our service. Simply call our sales representative – we’ll match you up with a client in a similar industry with similar needs who will talk with you about us.

  14. Does your company repair and install doors in addition to the other services and products you offer?
    No, we don’t. While we do see damaged doors on our customers’ buildings from time to time, we are not equipped to replace them or repair major damage. We do have several qualified door companies to whom we can refer you.

  15. I was told that if I am using “BEST” locking hardware, cylinders and keys on my doors that I have no choice but to stay with that particular company and their products. A change would mean all new hardware! Is that true?
    Nothing could be more untrue. There are many alternate interchangeable-core cylinders which will fit your locks – many of them offer far more protection from unauthorized key duplication than your Best locks do! Plus, we can offer same-day service – something you cannot get from Best.

  16. Can you change my safe combination to a number I can remember?
    Sometimes. There are certain guidelines safe technicians use when choosing safe combinations, required for proper operation of the lock. Ascending or descending numbers sequences generally do not make good combinations, nor do birthdays. However, there probably is a number you have memorized which can become your combination – ask our technician for advice.

  17. We just moved into our first home and we’re not sure who the previous owners gave keys to. Do we need to replace the locks or can they be fixed so the old key will not work in them?
    Yes, we can re-key your locks and issue new keys in most cases. Typically, locks are designed to be disassembled for repair or re-keying. Some “Do it yourself” centers sell the cheaper type locks that are permanently assembled and cannot be taken apart. Replacement is the only option for these type locks.

  18. Can all my locks be re-keyed so they work on the same key?
    Yes, in most cases, if all the locks are compatible with the one key and the locks can be dissembled they can be keyed to operate on one key. If you’re a business owner and want to use only one key for both your business and home, while your employees use a key that ONLY OPENS your business, that is possible as well.

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